It’s been ten years since my parents took me to Sandton Clinic for a CT scan after I felt dizzy for a couple of days. Ten years since I was wheeled into the operating theatre for a seven hour operation to remove the tumour found on my brain, and ten years since I underwent six months of chemotherapy and thirty-three days of radiation – an experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. And it’s also been ten years since we decided to start the Kirsty Watts Foundation: A foundation set up to support children in our country who don’t have the opportunity to receive the kind of world-class support that I received when undergoing my life-changing treatment.

10 years later and a lot has changed in my life, along with hundreds of others as a result of the Kirsty Watts Foundation. Despite missing almost a year of school I was able to matriculate with 6 distinctions and have recently graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Business Science Degree. I have also managed to start up sport again and completed my first 21km race in under two hours last year. I am now working for Nielsen and absolutely loving it! None of this would have been a possibility if it wasn’t for the incredible medical and social support that helped me to get through my journey with cancer. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had in my life and therefore want nothing more than to uplift the lives of others who haven’t been quite as fortunate.

The KWF has completed a number of initiatives including donation of over 30 prosthetic limbs, renovation of 6 hospital wards and many other projects over the past 9 years. As I have been busy with university and creating a life for myself my incredible mother, Belinda Watts, has happily taken over the foundation and has done an amazing job of it. Not only is she involved with the fundraising initiatives but she is also great at determining where help is really needed and fulfilling young dreams.

All of us involved in the Kirsty Watts Foundation are fully aware of the millions of children who are in need of a helping hand. Not only are we determined but we also feel extremely privileged to be in the position to help and for this we would like to thank YOU!

Looking back at the last ten years, we can’t wait to make an even bigger difference in the next ten years, and every year after that.