Kirsty Watts Foundation Logo


The Kirsty Watts Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit organisation which is financially administered within a Trust by Sentinel Management Services.

The mission of the trustees is to give children the opportunity to fulfil their potential by improving the facilities available to them in the environments they live and learn in.

The trust is funded by various small fund raising initiatives as well as corporate or personal donations. Projects are identified and managed by the trustees from start to finish and maintained where necessary. The proceeds are thus distributed directly to the children identified as requiring assistance for a variety of needs but primarily in the healthcare and education sectors.

The KWF was initiated by Kirsty Watts, aged 14 at the time, during her treatment and recovery from a malignant brain tumor. Kirsty believes in ‘kids helping kids’ and felt that since she was fortunate to receive incredible support and medical care, she would like to assist children less fortunate than herself.