Mandela Day 2020

The Bryanston 2 CAN decided to have a bumper Mandela Day this year and invited our team from the 5 Tiger Foundation to join us at the HTA Chef School for a significant hand up comprising of the following:

– 670 mini fire extinguishers (thanks to Sasfin)
– 300 fleece blankets
– 300 packets of ePap
– 300 tins baked beans
– 300 tins pilchards
– 150 boxes of fruit and vegetables (delivered directly to Zandspruit)

These supplies will be going to the elderly and orphaned children as identified by the 5 Tiger Foundation, and will be our largest donation to date.

We also had a demonstration of the fire extinguishers by Toli, the owner of PUT IT OUT, who trained two of the 5 Tiger Foundation team members on the product, which will make a huge difference to the residents of the informal settlement in Zandspruit when shack fires occur.