Nuwehoop School for the Deaf – 2019

Outdoor Play Area Rennovations

In a wonderful collaboration between the KWF (with Brian Sacks’ assistance) and David Reade of the Worcester Rotary Club, we have all been able to enrich the daily lives of the 300 + deaf children living in the hostel at Nuwehoop Sentrum.  On our first visit to the hostel, we were astounded by the complete absence of ANY play ground equipment, sporting or recreational facilities or games/toys for the children.

We have since had a large wooden play structure installed and delivered balls and other sporting equipment for outdoor use, while also providing indoor activities like table tennis, football tables, and many other games and craft activities to provide stimulation and entertainment to the children.

The KWF would like to also thank VINTAGE WITH LOVE for a generous contribution towards this project which will no doubt be enjoyed for many years by the Nuwehoop deaf learners.