Redefine Properties with the guidance of the Kirtsy Watts Foundation and the helping hands of the scholars at King David Linkdfield is uplifting the community of Soweto with a new foundation phase classroom for the Grade R students.

Redefine says, “We support the South African Government’s focus on education, development and upliftment of children, as this is vital for our collective future. All our CSI initiatives have the best interests of children at heart. Redefine Properties

Redefine’s strategy focuses on the importance of concentrated measurable impact to intensify our efforts in specified communities. Finite resources mean that if we were to attempt to reach all the communities surrounding the areas in which we operate, our impact on these communities would be diluted. The opportunity for Redefine lies in focused efforts to create ‘pockets of excellence’ in particular communities, which require an emphasis on collaboration with other funders. We have identified Diepkloof in Soweto and Gugulethu in the Western Cape as the first two areas for this wider community focus.

As the old saying goes “Put Your Money where Your Mouth Is” and that’s just what Redefine Properties did. Bennum van Jaarsveld the Retail Marketing Manager.

Redefine Properties saw the value of the Bottle2Build Schools Initiative and knew that by supporting Bottle2Build, would most certainly make a huge impact within our Fragile Eco System as well as in the lives of many disadvantaged South African youths. Bennum said that the Bottle2Build Initiative forms comfortably part of Redefine’s Social Impact Vision, so when it came to decide if they should invest in uplifting the community of Soweto it was a no-brainer! Bennum van Jaarsveld

All things came into motion with the guidance of the Kirsty Watts Foundation and the huge hearts of the King David Linksfield Scholars.

In addition to a brand new classroom for the Grade R’s the “Trio” (Redefine Properties, Kirsty Watts Foundation and King David Linksfield) decided that the little ones needed a safe play area to help stimulate those growing minds.

It’s during this time that my faith in humanity is restored (Keith Petitt – Bottle2Build). I get emotional and overjoyed when I have the privileged to witness and be part of such an event, just witnessing a Giant Corporate like Redefine Properties holding hands with a community to insure a sustainable future for our youth is a blessing on it’s own!

I want to give each and all a heartfelt “Thank You” for your most precious time and caring hearts!

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